The agreement to use Internet resource

(hereinafter, the "Agreement" and "Website" respectively)

1. Preamble

1.1. Publication of this Agreement the Administration is in accordance with article 438 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation offers any Internet user (hereafter "User") to use the functionality, tools and services of the Website.

1.2. the Agreement comes into force from the moment you agree to the terms in the manner provided for in clause 1.4 of the Agreement, and sets out the basic rules and principles of the Site.

1.3. The agreement can be changed. The current version of the Agreement is published on the page at: If any changes are made to the Agreement that the User does not agree with, they will stop using the Site.

1.4. by starting to use the Site / its individual functions or by registering as a Site User, the User fully accepts the terms of this Agreement without any reservations or exceptions. If the User does not agree with any of the provisions of the Agreement, the User may not use the Site.

2. User Registration and use of the Site

2.1. upon completion of the procedure, a unique Site User account is created, which is necessary to use the Site's features, tools, and services.

2.2. users are obliged to provide official information about themselves on the issues proposed in the registration form and keep this information up to date. If the User has provided incorrect information or the Administration has reason to believe that the information provided has been provided, the Administration has the right, at its sole discretion, to block or delete the User's account and refuse the User to use the Site (or their individual functions).

2.3. the Administration reserves the right at any time to require the User to confirm the data during registration, and request in this regard supporting documents (in particular identity documents), failure to provide, at the discretion of the Administration, may be equated to providing false information and entail the consequences provided for in clause 2.2. of the Agreement. If the data is used, used in the provided documents, does not correspond to the data used during registration, as well as if the data used during registration does not correspond to the data to identify the user, the Administration has the right to refuse the User access to the account and use of the Site .

2.4. information about the User contained in the User's account is stored and processed by the Administration in accordance with section 3 of the Agreement.

2.5. at the same time, the User independently chooses a username (a unique symbolic name of the User account) and a password to access the account. At the same time, the Administration can prohibit the use of certain characters, as well as set login and password requirements (length, allowed characters, etc.).

2.6. the User is solely responsible for all actions (as well as their consequences) within or using the Site under the User's account, including the voluntary transfer of User data to access the User's account by a third party.

2.7. the User is solely responsible for the security (resistance to guessing) of the chosen password, as well as its confidentiality.

2.8. the Administration has the right to block or delete the User's account, as well as to prohibit access using any accounts to certain functionality of the Site and any removal of the Site without explanation, including in case of violation Of the terms of the Agreement.

2.9. The administration may restrict the use of the Site for all users or for specific categories of users (depending on where you use the language in which service provided, etc.), including: the lack of certain functions, the maximum period of storage of information and data, special options downloadable information etc.

2.10. The user is solely responsible for compliance with their posted information, legal requirements, including obligations to others in cases where uses other information or content violates the rights and legitimate rights of third parties, including moral rights of authors, other intellectual rights of third parties and / or infringes on intangible benefits belong to them.

2.11. the User agrees that the Administration is not obligated to perform a preliminary check of any kind posted and / or distributed by the User through the Site, and the Administration has the right (but not the obligation) at its sole discretion to refuse the User to post and / or distribute data and information or delete data and information that is available through the Site. The user understands and agrees that he must independently assess all risks associated with the placement of such data, including the reliability, completeness or usefulness of such data.

2.12. the User agrees and agrees that the technology of the Site may require copying (reproducing) the user's information and data of the administration, as well as their processing by the Administration to meet the technical requirements of the Site.

2.14. when using the Site, the User does not have the right to:

2.14.1. upload, send, distribute information about criminal, criminal, defamatory, insults morality, demonstrates (or acts) violence and cruelty, violates intellectual property rights, promotes hatred and / or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social grounds, contains insults to any persons or organizations, contains elements (or is propaganda) of pornography, child eroticism, it is an advertisement (or propaganda) of sexual services (including under the guise of using services), explains the procedure for the manufacture and use of narcotic substances or their analogues, explosives or other weapons;

2.14.2. violate the rights of third parties, including minors, and / or cause them harm in any form;

2.14.3. give the organization another person or representative and / or community without sufficient rights, including the use of other forms and methods of an illegal representative in the network, to mislead users or the Administration about the properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects;

2.14.4. upload, send, post and / or distribute information in any other way if there are no rights to such actions in accordance with the law or any contractual relationship;

2.14.5. upload, send, transmit or distribute advertising information that is not specifically permitted, spam (including search), lists of other people's email addresses, pyramid schemes, multi-level (network) marketing (MLM), online earnings systems and e-mail businesses, "letters of happiness", as well as use participation in these events;

2.14.6. unauthorized collection and storage of personal data of other persons;

2.14.7. disrupt the normal operation of the Site;

2.14.8. post links to the Internet, the content of which contradicts the current legislation of the Russian Federation;

2.14.9. limited restrictions aimed at violating the prohibitions imposed by the Agreement;

2.14.10. Otherwise violate applicable laws, including the rule of law.

3. Confidentiality.

3.1. by Accepting the Agreement, the User confirms their consent to the processing of data by the Administration, including personal data in accordance with the requirements of Federal law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.06. "On digital data", including Full Name, address at the place of registration, address at the place of work, work and mobile phone numbers, email address, information about professional activities, in order to obtain information of an electronic and / or educational nature related to pharmaceutical products, including information about scientific and educational events. The user grants the Administration the right to transfer their personal data to third parties, includes cross-border transfer, specifically specified above, using machine media or via a communication channel, and ensures their protection from unauthorized access, provided that the administration receiving and processing User data ensures compliance with confidential information. This agreement is given for Use and is valid indefinitely. The user reserves the right to withdraw its registration by means of a written document, which can be sent by the User to the Administration by registered mail with a notification of delivery or delivered personally against receipt to a representative of the Administration.

3.2. when using the Site, the Administration collects and processes User information, namely:

3.2.1. information provided by the User during the registration process;

3.2.2. cookies.

3.2.3. IP address.

3.2.4. parameters and settings of Internet browsers.

3.3. The administration processing information of the User any action to ensure the proper provision of services (identification, authentication, transmission of information materials on the subscription of the user, responses and user, and other actions from time to time for proper delivery).

3.4. the Administration uses depersonalized data for targeting advertising and informational materials by age, gender, and other characteristics, and for conducting statistical research for any other purposes.

3.5. The administration has the right to transfer information in full or partially to third parties without notifying the User in the following cases: - person in charge, possession or property transferred to the Site; persons who are associated / affiliated with the Property; the new owner of the Site to handle in-game functions in this Agreement; Other Users of the Site, if the Site corresponding functions.

3.6. when Users use the Site pages, the codes of third-party Internet resources may be present, as a result of which such third parties receive the data used above. Use of third-party Internet funds, among other things:

3.6.1. systems for collecting session statistics (for example, counters, Google Analytics, etc.);

3.6.2. social plugins (blocks) of social networks (for example, Facebook, etc.);

3.6.3. banner display systems (for example, AdRiver, etc.);

3.6.4. other resources.

3.7. the User has all the rights to protect their personal information provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular, the law "on personal data".

3.8. Processing of personal data carried out in data centers. The administration takes all necessary measures to protect the User's personal information, in particular, data processing is carried out on equipment contained in secure premises with limited access.

3.9. Disclosure of the provided information can be made only in accordance with the current legislation at the request of the court, law enforcement agencies, in the judicial procedure used.

3.10. the User agrees that the Administration, under its own responsibility, has the right to entrust services to any third party at its discretion, subject to the requirements of article 6 of the Federal law "on personal data", including through data confidentiality. At the same time, the use of data and data is provided without limitation of its validity period.

3.11. the User also agrees to receive advertising and information from the Administration via telecommunication networks, including via the Internet and SMS messages in accordance with article 18 of the Federal law "on advertising" of 13.03.2006.

4. Intellectual property rights and responsibilities

4.1. the User may not reproduce, repeat or copy, sell or resell, or use the Site for any commercial purposes (including information available to the User through the Site) or access to them, except in cases when the User has received such permission from the Administration or when this is expressly provided for in the Agreement.

4.2. All objects accessible through the Site, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, computer programs, databases, music, sounds and other objects placed within the Site, are objects of the exclusive rights of the Administration, Users and other copyright holders.

4.3. use of the Site is possible only within the framework of the functionality offered by the Administration. Any elements of the Site, as well as any information posted within the Site, may be used in any other way without the prior permission of the copyright holder. This includes, but is not limited to: reproduction, copying, processing, distribution on any basis, display in a frame, and so on. Exceptions are cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation or the Agreement.

4.4. Use of the Site, as well as use and information for personal use under the saved conditions of all indicators of copyright protection, relevant rights, trademarks, other notices of authorship, saving the name (or pseudonym) of the author / name of the copyright holder in the saved form, the saved form of the object in the saved form. unchanged. Exceptions are cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation or the Agreement.

4.5. The website may contain links to other sites on the Internet (third party websites). These third parties and their content are not checked by the Administration for compliance with certain requirements (reliability, completeness, legality, etc.). the administration of the communication materials is not responsible for any information posted on third-party sites to which the User gets access to use the Site, as well as for the availability of such sites or information and the consequences of their use by the User.

4.6. a Link (in any form) to any site, product, service, or any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted within the Site is not approved or recommended by the Administration for these products (services, activities), except in cases where this is expressly indicated by the Administration.

4.7. If provided not provided by the Administration:

4.7.1. The user uses the Site at your own risk. The tools, services, and functionality Of the site are provided "as is". The administration does not assume any responsibility, including for compliance of the Site with the User's goals;

4.7.2. the Administration does not guarantee that: the Site meets / will meet the User's requirements; will work continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors; results that can be obtained using the Site, any accurate and reliable and other purposes for any purpose or in any quality (for example, for any facts); the quality of any product, service, information, etc. obtained using the Site will meet the User's expectations;

4.7.3. Any information and / or materials (including downloadable SOFTWARE, any instructions and guides to action, etc.) that the User gets Access to using the Site, the user can use at Their own risk and is solely responsible for the possible consequences of using the information and / or materials, including for the damage that this may cause to the User's computer or third parties, for data loss or any other harm.

4.7.4. the Administration is not responsible for any kind of damages caused by the User's use of the Site;

4.7.5. under any circumstances, the responsibility of the Administration in accordance with article 15 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation is limited to 10,000 (ten thousand) rubles of the Russian Federation and is assigned to the Administration if there is guilt in its actions.

4.8. This means that it accepts the agreement and undertakes to protect the Administration, its subordinate structures, management, agents and employees from any legal claims, processes and procedures related to the use of the Site or violation of the Agreement, as well as from any liability, including financial liability, in relation to claims, damages, damages, processes, legal costs and attorneys ' fees.

5. Final provisions.

5.1. This Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Issues not regulated by this Agreement are subject to resolution in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. All possible disputes arising from the existing relations regulated by this Agreement are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, according to the norms of Russian law. Everywhere in the text of this Agreement, unless explicitly stated, under the term "legislation" of the Russian Federation.

5.2. this Does not affect the current provisions or the applicable provisions of the Agreement if, for any reason, one or more provisions of this Agreement are invalid or unenforceable.

5.3. Inaction on the part of administrative offenses in case of violation of the rules for performing the corresponding similar violations.

6.4. This Agreement is written in Russian and in some cases may be provided to the representative for review in another language. In case of discrepancy between the Russian version of the Agreement and the version of the Agreement in another language, the provisions of the Russian version of this Agreement shall apply.

6.5. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment of Agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, employment relations or any specified relations between the User and the Site Administration that are not directly provided by the Agreement.

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