A tea collection «Russian honey christmas»

A tea collection «Russian honey christmas» is an excellent and memorable gift for all occasions. It consists of a unique natural blend of tea and 100% naturale flavored raspberry lollipop caramel. 

«Russian honey christmas» it is a blend of fine black tea with orange slices, sea buckthorn berries and other "warming" ingredients. This blend gives a rich flavor, setting off the pleasant bitterness of the fermented tea leaf with a sweet aftertaste. It is especially good in the cold season, when you want to quickly warm up and inhale the aroma of summer. 

Умный интеллигентный подарок для друзей, коллег, партнёров; оригинальный сувенир из России для иностранцев; небанальный подарок руководителю; презент для учителей, врачей и т.д.; вкусный чай для личного потребления.

A tea collection «Russian honey christmas»

540 ₽

Does not contain GMOs. Completely natural product

Net weight tea: 40g

Net weight of caramel: 50g

Gross weight: 165g

Country of origin: Russia


Tea: Indian black tea, sea buckthorn, orange slices, raisins, honey. 

Lollipop caramel with raspberry flavor : sugar, molasses, water, acidity regulators (citric acid, lactic acid), flavors identical to natural, color: concentrate of sweet potatoes, radishes and apples.