Set of 3 teas with natural raspberry candies

The set consists of three tin cans with tea ("Siberia", "Ussuri", "Vologda"). There are raspberry candies inside the volumetric lid of the upper jar. For the description of tea and candies, see the cards of the corresponding assortment positions...

Умный интеллигентный подарок для друзей, коллег, партнёров; оригинальный сувенир из России для иностранцев; небанальный подарок руководителю; презент для учителей, врачей и т.д.; вкусный чай для личного потребления.

Set of 3 teas with natural raspberry candies

1 300 ₽

Does not contain GMOs. Completely natural product

Net weight: : 105-115 г

Net weight lollipop : 50-55 г

Overall kit size (mm): 140 х 70 х60

Shelf life: 18 months

Lollipop shelf life:12 месяцев

Country: Russia


Teas composition:

Siberia style: fine black tea, rosehip, peony flower, mint, lingonberry, raspberry pieces.

Vologda style: hibiscus, apple, chamomile, mint, raspberry, calendula. 

Ussuri style: fine black tea, juniper berries, mint, mountain ash, cranberries.  

Caramel with raspberry flavor: sugar, molasses, water, acidity regulators (citric acid, lactic acid), flavors identical to natural, color: concentrate of sweet potatoes, radishes and apples