A set of 7 teas and handmade vase

A gift set of seven exclusive blends of loose tea, herbs and berries, typical for different regions of Russia, in a souvenir box casket of solid birch.

Wooden vase with hand painted in the Russian style and will be a great decoration for your interior.

The chest contains a detailed diagram of the device of the Russian samovar in Russian and English.

Smart intelligent gift for friends, colleagues, partners; original souvenir from Russia; exceptional present to your boss, teacher, doctors or any other people you want to thank; delicious tea for personal consumption.

A set of 7 teas and handmade vase

Not available

Does not contain GMOs, flavorings. 100% natural product.

Total set gross weight:

1.8 kg

Overall kit size (mm):

235 x 235 x 95

Shelf life: 18 months

Country: Russia

Net weight: 150g


Altay style: Ivan-tea, green tea, ginger, chamomile, sagaan-dali, gomphrena flowers, red currant, cherry.

Kuban style: fine black tea, calendula petals, sea buckthorn berries, ginger, orange tree flowers, mulberry. 

Ussuri style: fine black tea, juniper berries, mint, mountain ash, cranberries. 

Siberia style: fine black tea, rosehip, peony flower, mint, lingonberry, raspberry pieces.

Vologda style: hibiscus, apple, chamomile, mint, raspberry, calendula. 

Karelia style: green tea, forget-me-not, heather, mountain ash, blueberries, cranberries, mint.

Tatar style: black Ceylon tea Pekoe, lingonberry leaf, oregano, mint, rosehip peel.