Collection of 9 teas in a lacquered casket «Birobidzhan style»

A unique gift set that has no analogues in the world. It is dedicated to the history of one of the most unusual regions of our country - the Jewish Autonomous Region, its virgin nature and the amazing history of its creation. The set includes nine exclusive blends of tea with herbs, berries, lianas and leaves of trees characteristic of the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Amur Region as a whole. Each package contains representatives of ethnic and cultural groups that already inhabited this region at the time of the creation of the EAO, organizations that took an active part in its fate and representatives of the Jewish community of Birobidzhan. There are also author's illustrations with plants of the region. The packaging is bilingual: in Russian and English. At the bottom of the box, information of an ethnographic nature is duplicated in Hebrew.

Smart intelligent gift for friends, colleagues, partners; original souvenir from Russia; exceptional present to your boss, teacher, doctors or any other people you want to thank; delicious tea for personal consumption. The box can be printed with a logo or other image on your request, the kit contents can also be changed. (see the link)

Collection of 9 teas in a lacquered casket «Birobidzhan style»

3 000 ₽

Gross weight of the kit: 1.4 kg

Kit size (mm): 235 x 235 x 95

Shelf life: 18 months

The country the manufacturer: Russia

Net weight: 225g


Birobidzhan style with fir needles and juniper: fir needles, juniper berries, black tea Assam.

Birobidzhan style with cherry and chaga: chaga, cherry berries, cherry leaf.

Birobidzhan style with strawberries and apple: garden strawberries, apple slices, black Assam tea.

Birobidzhan style with sagan-daila and Kuril tea: sagan-daila, Kuril tea.

Birobidzhan style with black currant and lemon balm: black currant leaf, lemon balm, lemongrass.

Birobidzhan style with Ivan tea and meadowsweet: ivan tea, meadowsweet, sea buckthorn berries.

Birobidzhan style with Manchurian walnut leaf and sea buckthorn: walnut leaf, sea buckthorn berries.

Birobidzhan style with lingonberries and raspberries: raspberry slices, berries and lingonberry leaf, black Assam tea.

Birobidzhan style with Far Eastern lemongrass and melissa: berries and lemongrass vine, mellisa, lemongrass.