Collection of 8 teas in a wooden chest and a mug by BerestaProject

A gift set of 9 exclusive blends of loose tea, herbs and berries typical of different regions of Russia in a hand-made souvenir chest made of natural solid birch. Contains a detailed concept of Russian samovar in Russian and English.
An unusual porcelain mug with a birch bark holder, which lies inside the box, is a logical conclusion to the gift and emphasizes its originality and uniqueness.

You can hold the mug hot in your hands without fear of getting burned; wash in water without removing the birch bark and put in the dishwasher or microwave.

The Onfim collection refers to the Novgorod birch bark letters and the history of Veliky Novgorod. The drawings of the boy Onfim (Anfimy) date back to the 13th century. The image is applied using embossing, which ensures its resistance to washing and external influences. This collection is dedicated to the Novgorod region, the homeland of birch bark letters, and on birch bark you will find a copy of the famous drawings of the boy Onfim.

Collection of 8 teas in a wooden chest and a mug by BerestaProject

3 600 ₽

Does not contain GMOs, flavors, flavors. Completely natural product

Gross weight of the whole set:
1280 g

Gross weight of a cup: 250 g

Cup volume: 190 gr
Cup size 7x7x7

Overall dial size (mm):
235 x 235 x 95

Expiration date: 18 months

Country of origin: Russia

Net weight of tea: 200g


Altay style: Ivan-tea, green tea, ginger, chamomile, sagaan-dali, gomphrena flowers, red currant, cherry.

Kuban style: fine black tea, calendula petals, sea buckthorn berries, ginger, orange tree flowers, mulberry. 

Ussuri style: fine black tea, juniper berries, mint, mountain ash, cranberries. 

Siberia style: fine black tea, rosehip, peony flower, mint, lingonberry, raspberry pieces.

Vologda style: hibiscus, apple, chamomile, mint, raspberry, calendula. 

Karelia style: green tea, forget-me-not, heather, mountain ash, blueberries, cranberries, mint.

Tatar style: black Ceylon tea Pekoe, lingonberry leaf, oregano, mint, rosehip peel.

Caucas style:  grape leaf, lemon balm, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, currant leaf, pink pepper, allspice.