Black tea "warming" blend "Apple pie with cinnamon"

"Apple pie with cinnamon" is a blend of fine black tea with slices of apple, pieces of cinnamon and other "warming" ingredients. The combination of tart tea with spices gives a rich flavor, setting off the pleasant bitterness of the fermented tea leaf with a spicy and fruity aftertaste. It is especially good in the cold season, when you want to quickly warm up and inhale the aroma of summer. On the sides of the packages of the so called "warming up" product  line are placed authentic illustrations and descriptions of popular winter leisure activities of citizens at the beginning of the XX century in Russia.

Smart intelligent gift for friends, colleagues, partners; original souvenir from Russia; exceptional present to your boss, teacher, doctors or any other people you want to thank; delicious tea for personal consumption.

Black tea "warming" blend "Apple pie with cinnamon"

200 ₽
170 ₽

Does not contain GMOs, flavorings or artificial components. 100% natural product.

Net weight: 60 g

Gross weight: 80 g

Package size (mm):

195 х 46 х 85

Shelf life:
18 months.

Country of manufacturing:

Product index: СЧ-ШК


fine black tea, cinnamon, apple slices, star anise, ginger, cloves, cardamom.